Political science is an important subject for various reasons like, you learn the history of our nation. Studying political science abroad is a valuable life experience and a great choice for students of politics. Political science deals with the state, the government, various organizations. Studying abroad will also expose you to new and different people, political institutions, and customs. You will also be inspired to look at the world in a new way and come back with innovative and different ideas for our own country. Here we take a look at the ultimate guide to studying political science abroad and various courses.

* There are various Bachelor of Political Science programs. A political science degree aims to give you knowledge of political thought, government, international relations, and political systems. It will provide you with tools to understand political institutions and processes.
* They are offered at all levels, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It can be studied as an MA or MSc over one or two years. Some universities offer research-oriented master’s and doctoral programs.
* The following topics are covered in political science programs such as public administration and policy, political theory, international relations, social justice, comparative politics, diplomatic history, political economy as well as politics international.
* Political Science and History – BA (Hons) Lakehead University, Canada.
* Political Science – BA Western Washington University, United States.
* Political science and international relations – MA
University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

These are some political science courses offered by various universities.

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